Themed route
Date May 29 2018


Biomimicry: Nature Showing the Way

Did you know that swimwear designers study the skin of sharks? That the hydro-jet watercraft is inspired by the squid’s propulsion? And that high-speed train designers imitate the shape of the kingfisher's beak? The list could go on and on, because nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Biomimicry is the industrial approach of the future. To see an example, check out the robots at Booth 43, Clubs 4-H du Québec. They were inspired by insects!

After that, you can head over to Booth 57, the J. Armand Bombardier Museum of Ingenuity and the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science, to discover the special powers of animals and plants, and design your own "bio-inspired" robot.

Want to learn more? At Booth 34, GUEPE can show you the most remarkable characteristics of organisms that have adapted to life in the forest, underwater, or even in your backyard.