Words of welcome



L’île du Savoir (IDS) is a non-profit organization created in 2006 to promote science, technology and innovation among young people in the greater Montréal region. Since then, the IDS has been the driving force behind several projects that combine science and education, including FabLab@School, Éclairs de Sciences, Science, on joue!, and, of course, the Eureka! Festival.

For this 12th edition of the Eureka! Festival, the IDS and its loyal partner, the Science Centre, invite you to dive into the fascinating world of robotics and artificial intelligence. Several major partners are joining the event this year. We are proud to announce the arrival of Rio Tinto as a Senior Contributor to Eureka!, Desjardins as a Zone Partner, Ivado as a Stage Presenter, and many more.

“In an era where robotics and artificial intelligence are increasingly conquering our work and study environments, not to mention our personal lives, addressing this topic has become more relevant than ever,” says Yves Mauffette, President of L’île du Savoir.

“This is an exciting time, with science and technology making steady advances. This project brings people together in a great celebration of our researchers and Quebec’s remarkable technological breakthroughs. With our more than 760,000 fans, including 44,000 students, who have followed us since its inception, Montréal is proud to support an event that has become much more than a science festival; it is a real tool for economic development,” notes Richard Deschamps, President of Concertation Montréal and Vice-President of L’île du Savoir.

Experience Eureka!

Enter the world of high tech, robotics, and science in all its forms, from June 8 to 10 at the Old Port of Montréal.

Yves Mauffette, President, L’île du savoir

Richard Deschamps, Committee Chair, Montréal, ville apprenante, de savoir et d’innovation, Vice-President at L’île du savoir and Interim Chairman at Concertation Montréal.


A WORD from the Montréal Science Centre


From June 8 to 10, the Old Port site will be host to more than 100 free activities, original shows and explosive demonstrations. This year, the Eureka! theme is robotics, which will allow our visitors to become familiar with a field that is increasingly prevalent in our lives, in addition to discovering the achievements of local scientists and drawing inspiration from entrepreneurs and innovators in science and technology.

For the past 12 years, the Eureka! Festival has attracted thousands of science enthusiasts. It has become a must-see summer event in the city. The festival’s success is the result of a close collaboration between the Montréal Science Centre, L’Île du savoir and the many partners who work together to create programming recognized for its quality and diversity.

Speaking of programming, here are a few suggestions to maximize your experience: do not miss Génial!, the fabulous Télé-Québec quiz show. It is even more entertaining live. Check out the robots from the RoboCup international competition and marvel at how far technology has advanced in the last ten years. Finally, immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence with internationally celebrated Montreal researcher Yoshua Bengio. His passion is contagious.

I invite you to come and get your fill of science, with family or friends. It is an experience that you will want to repeat.

I look forward to seeing you on the site!


Isabel Dansereau, Director of Old Port of Montréal Corporation




For the 12th year now, the Eurêka! Festival is offering a rich programming meant for Montréal’s children and youth to discover the wonderful word of science.

Science plays a key role in the development of our city’s young minds, by providing them the opportunity to develop their character, express themselves, flourish and find their place in the world.

I would like to join all the little curious minds and all the young explorers out there in congratulating the organizers who, year after year, have offered us a Festival that helps our city’s youth widen their curiosity and explore their desire to learn while having fun!

Montréal takes the future of its youth to heart. Along with all the passionate people behind the Eurêka! Festival, we will be able to help young minds reach their full potential and to awaken their desire to create. Scientific knowledge, curiosity and creativity are all assets to our metropolis. As it strives to develop, stand out and perform, Montréal needs a new generation of engaged and trained young people in every scientific field.

I would like to thank all volunteers and creators of this wonderful gathering, as they are contributing their passion to building the future for our youth.

Have a great Festival!


Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montréal