A word from L’îLE DU SAVOIR

« This is an exciting time when science and technology are making new strides! This unifying project not only celebrates local researchers, but also quebec’s incredible technological breakthroughs.»

Yves Mauffette, President of L’île du savoir

« With thirteen years of hard work and love for science and technology, Eurêka! has carved out a unique place in the Montreal’s festival landscape. It allows Mr. and Mrs. Nobody to meet experts in the flesh and, above all, to take ownership of the major scientific and social issues of our time, while having fun! That’s the DNA of the Eurêka Festival!»

Richard Deschamps, Vice-president of L’île du savoir

institutionAL testimonials

«The Eurêka! Festival is a must-see event that allows the general public and young Quebecers to discover innovative technologies and employment pathways related to the stimulating fields of science and technology.»

Pierre Fitzgibbon, Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation

«The Festival popularizes science, but it also offers attractions that may ignite sparks in the eyes of its young visitors. They’ll be telling themselves, ‘I want go farther, I want to find out more, I feel like starting a science club for fun or studying science.»

Jean-François Roberge, Quebec Minister of Education and Higher Education

« This is truly an event that embraces and celebrates STEAM in the community and makes that celebration an open, accessible community event. The work you do is really amazing, and I love how open and accessible this event is to the public. »

Julie Fooshee, Coordinator, Science Festival Alliance

« I would like to join all the little curious minds and all the young explorers out there in congratulating the organizers who, year after year, have offered us a Festival that helps our city’s youth widen their curiosity and explore their desire to learn while having fun! Along with all the passionate people behind the Eurêka! Festival, we will be able to help young minds reach their full potential and to awaken their desire to create. […] I would like to thank all volunteers and creators of this wonderful gathering, as they are contributing their passion to building the future for our youth.»

Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal


« Each year, the Festival brings together thousands of science enthusiasts. It has become a must-see event of the summer in the metropolis. Whether it’s with family or friends, I invite you to come and stock up on science. That is the kind of experience you will want to repeat. »

Isabel Dansereau, Executive Director of the Old Port Society of Montreal

our Spokespersons testimonials

«The Eureka Festival! is one of the largest scientific gatherings for the whole family and for everyone in Montreal. It’s as well for the kids, as it is for their parents!»

Stéphane Bellavance, Festival Spokesperson, Télé-Québec

«Behind every scientific discovery, there is a dream. The dream of a world where there is no more disease, no more pollution, where the climate no longer changes. The dream of discovering new planets… I’m amazed at so many discoveries! Eurêka! is the result of many people’s dreams, who will, in turn, make you dream and amaze you. What an irresistible proposition!»


Martin Carli, Festival Spokesperson, Télé-Québec

MeDIA testimonials

« It’s all quite fascinating, because we experience exploration and demonstrations, and test our scientific knowledge. The best thing about it is that it’s outdoors… and it’s free. »

Julie Jasmine Boudreau, Le Télé Journal, Radio-Canada

« This is how you get people interested in science! »

Jean-Philippe Wauthier, Host, Bonsoir Bonsoir! Radio-Canada

«What I understand is that if children are in contact with the young scientific community and see the diversity in various types of science and scientists, perhaps their whole vision of science, for all their studies, will completely change.»

Pénélope McQuade, radio and television Host

teachers testimonials

« It gives them examples of careers in science. Sometimes, we teach them things in school, but here, they can see, tangibly, what purpose those things actually serve. »

Myriam Aubry, teacher at Iona School, Montreal

«Thank you for making us unforgettable and inspiring moments!»

Naïma Nechadi, Teacher, Atelier School

« I went to the Eureka Festival! last year as well as the year before with my students and I loved the experience. Is it too late to repeat the experience this year and enroll my students?»

Anne-Sophie Aubry, School Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine

«We love the Festival so much, thank you!!»

Roxane Gendron Mathieu, Teacher, École Terre-des-jeunes

« My students and I really enjoyed the workshops. Congratulations to everyone for the organization of such a festival! »

Laila Tamda, Teacher, Ste-Bernadette-Soubirous School

«On top of this huge crowd and the quality of what we could discover, I appreciated the quality of the exchanges with these young people who took the time to answer us with a smile. A free festival for visitors, very well organized and with grants from a large number of institutions who have understood that their contributions are in fact investments for our future.»

Sur les pas du spectateur, blogger

our public testimonials

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