Themed route
Date May 22 2019


Transportation of the Future

Track for festivalgoers   June 7-8-9 **********************************************************************

Curious about sustainable transport of the future? Then follow us.


→ This track starts at booth #43 where you will come face to face with a Vaul miniature self-driving vehicle.

→ Then go to booth #42 to discover Archimède, the human-powered racing submarine..

→ Third stop is at booth #32, where Printemps Numérique will introduce you to a motor of the future that is good for the planet.

→ Finally, stop at #11 where the Science Centre invites you to tinker your own hot rod out of scrap materials.

→ Finally, discover the ultimate solution to the polluting emissions of modern transportation at booth #8! Here's a clue: you use it every day to walk!

Want even more?


Make your own magnetic electric train with Ruelle de l'avenir.
Friday morning at booth #1.


Mad Science invites you to create a motorized electric vehicle and even learn how to optimize it.
Friday afternoon at booth #1.


Discover Hyperloop technology, with Transpod.
Saturday from 12:20 to 12:50 pm on the IVADO Stage, #20.


Finally, attend a breathtaking hoverboard demonstration presented by Omni Hoverboards Inc.
Friday at 10:30 am, Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday at 4:15 pm at #A, right next to the pond.