Words of welcome (2019 Edition)

L’île du savoir was created in 2006 to promote science, technology and innovation among young people and families in the Greater Montréal region. The organization has been the driving force behind several projects fostering the emergence of a scientific culture and increasing the openness and interest of young people in science and in pursuing careers in science and technology. These  projects have included Fab Lab@l’École, Éclairs de sciences, Science, on joue! and, of course, the Eurêka! Festival.

For the last 13 years, the Eurêka! Festival has promoted the best of Québec science while inspiring the next generation. It returned again in June with a cornucopia of amazing activities and experiences. More than 140, 000 enthusiastic visitors came to discover this year’s theme: “On The Move”, an exploration of mobility and transport of the future!

L’île du savoir and its partner, the Science Centre, invite you to the Old Port of Montreal on June 2020, to join in the 14th edition of this great celebration of science.

“We live in exciting times, with science and technology making continual advances. This project brings us together to celebrate local researchers and the remarkable technological breakthroughs made here in Quebec,” notes Yves Mauffette, President of L’île du savoir.

“With thirteen years of sustained effort and a love of science and technology, Eureka! has carved out a unique place in Montréal’s festival circuit. The festival allows everyday people to meet real-life experts and to explore the major scientific and social issues of our time while having fun. That’s the DNA of the Eureka! Festival.” Richard Deschamps, Vice-President, L’île du savoir

Come join us. Eurêka! awaits you.

Yves Mauffette
President, L’île du savoir


Richard Deschamps
Vice-President at L’île du savoir and Chairman at Concertation Montréal.



The Science Centre is proud to contribute to the production of the 13th edition of the Eurêka! Festival. This year’s theme, On the Move, explores the mobility of the future, a rich topic covered with bold, renewed programming. A few highlights include the amazing Hyperloop technology, drones designed to transport vaccines, and a propeller hoverboard invented right here in Québec by an engineering graduate from Polytechnique.

Mobility is a major issue involving both science and technology, and Eurêka’s focus on the future will inspire today’s visitors to become tomorrow’s innovators. The largest outdoor science fair in the country has become one of Montreal’s must-see events. Whether by car, subway, bike or boat, I invite you to mobilize your family and friends and travel to this exciting celebration of science in the heart of the Old Port.


Isabel Dansereau
Director of Old Port of Montréal Corporation




Montréal is proud to host, once again this year, the Eurêka! Festival, a staple summer event in Montréal. One that contributes to preparing the new generation of scientists that are so precious to our city, all with a festive twist.

I am excited to see that transportation – particularly the transportation of our future – is the central theme of this 13th edition of Québec’s greatest science festival.

Mobility is one of the priorities of my administration. It has a major impact on the quality of our environment. This is why we are putting forth various initiatives that contribute to enhancing active transportation and public transit, as well to integrating car-sharing and self-service vehicles.

There are numerous major challenges facing us. But Montréal is a city of knowledge and of innovation, a resilient and youthful city. It has what it takes to be a leader in sustainable mobility.

We believe in our youth and share their audacity and creativity. Together, we can begin to play our important role in the blossoming of our metropolis and to develop a future in our image.

I encourage young citizens to seize this opportunity to appreciate science through the numerous free, exciting activities offered over the course of three days

I would like to thank the Eurêka! Festival, its partners, volunteers, and all its artisans for making this inspiring yearly event possible, not only to encourage academic perseverance, but also to help outline the prospect of a promising future for our city.

Have a great festival!

Valérie Plante
Mayor of Montréal





The Eurêka! Festival is offering a rich programming meant for Montréal’s children and youth to discover the wonderful world of science.

Science and technology offer some of the best ways to develop creative thinking at any age. In order to spark greater interest in these exciting fields, especially among young people, the Government of Québec is proud to support broad-based events that highlight Québec’s fast-growing science and technology sector. These events also enrich Québec’s tourism offer by providing visitors with a unique and original experience.

The Eurêka! Festival is one such event that simply must not be missed. Fun, fascinating activities introduce participants to a world of possibilities in science and technology.

This year’s theme, “On the Move,” offers a chance to explore innovative new technologies and future jobs in the fields of sustainable mobility, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

As the world economy becomes increasingly digital, these fields give a glimpse of a promising future for the next generation of Quebecers who are interested in a career in science and technology.

Come one, come all, to this exciting festival to make the most of its interactive experiences and stock up on the latest science and innovative ideas. Considering that tourism is a driving force of Québec’s economic development, we also hope that visitors will take this opportunity to discover the city’s multiple attractions.

pierre fitzgibbon
Minister of Economy and Innovation


Caroline Proulx

Minister of Tourism