About us


Eurêka! is QUEBEC’S BIGGEST CELEBRATION OF SCIENCE and it’s for the whole family!

More than 1.1 million enthusiastic visitors, including 60,000 students from school groups, have attended the Festival since it began over 16 year ago. Eurêka! is a wonderful opportunity to expose young minds to the world of science and technology, while still offering many exciting and interactive activities as well as educational content suitable to visitors of all ages!

Three days of fun, discovery and unusual forays into the world of science and technology with over 75 FREE interactive activities.

This popular festival for schools and families is produced each year by the non-profit organization L’île du savoir and is implemented in partnership with Espace pour la vie and many collaborators. Through much hard work and our generous partners, L’île du savoir is able to keep this festival FREE to attend!

2022 Festival Highlights

On the Menu

  • Over 75 FREE original interactive activities developed by science and technology enthusiasts
  • 27 interactive lectures and shows
  • More than 50 creative hands-on activities, workshops and experiments
  • And street performers, animation, feats and completely crazy demonstrations!

Several Areas of Activity


Activities for all ages (6+), there’s something for all tastes and all festival-goers!


Come meet researchers, technicians, professionals and experts devoted to the popularization of science. They await you with exciting hands-on activities and “real” scientific material

Science Takes the Stage

Come see science, theatre and magic shows offering an inspiring, often humorous look at science, along with many engaging and intriguing educational conferences, suitable for the whole family.

Science from Every Angle


Workshops, street performers, amazing demonstrations, fantastic adventures and famous people await you.

Concocting Science


Creative and fun workshops, introducing the creative side of science!



Since 2020, Eurêka! Festival and L’île du savoir are honoured to be part of REFRAIN, a new independent group of regional arts festivals in Quebec.


REFRAIN’s mission is to bring together and promote independent cultural festivals and events as key players in Quebec’s economic, tourism and cultural development. It is a consultation forum for members and it mobilizes them in their efforts to innovate, promote, put together resources and good practices.

Representing all the administrative regions of Quebec, members are characterized by their strong local reach, creating unique experiences for their community and an important contribution to the economic and tourism fields.

REFRAIN now represents more than 85 festivals, from such fields as music, science, visual arts, comedy, theatre, literature and street arts.

REFRAIN members include:

Festival Mural – MUTEK – Piknic Électronik – Pop Montréal – Montebello Rock – M Pour Montréal – Big Bang Fest – Francouvertes

Eurêka!, an Eco-responsible Event

The Eurêka! Festival’s mission is closely linked to increasing environmental awareness among future generations. Sustainable development is therefore at the heart of our programming.

For more information on the actions we take in order to make Eurêka! an eco-responsible event, click here. The Festival team also relies on the cooperation of its scientific collaborators to do their part in order to minimize the ecological footprint of the event.

Year-round activities?

Eurêka! is also a science culture initiative, now offering year-round activities, like the Virtual Archipelago, a thrilling game and a unique showcase in science and technology, with more than 50 online activities.

Awards and Recognition

2014 – Finalist for the ESTim award from the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal, in the category of “Innovation or Public/Parapublic Development”

2013 – Best Program award from the Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC)

2012 – Finalist for the Grands prix du Tourisme québécois, in the category of “Festivals and Tourist Events – Budget of more than $1M”

2010 – Finalist of the Grands Prix du Tourisme québécois, in the category of  “Best Festival”

2009 – Finalist of the Grands Prix du Tourisme québécois, in the category of “Best Festival”

2008 – Innovation-Relève Technoscience Award, from the Association des directeurs de recherche industrielle du Québec (ADRIQ)

Crédits photo : Roland Lorente